Admission Arrangements

 Parents must apply to Derbyshire County Council who deal with all admissions issues. Downloadable application forms are also available. For further information regarding criteria for admission, which children will receive preference should the need arise, when applications should be made, how to apply and so on, contact the County Council on 01629 580000 and ask for the Admissions Department. 

 We operate a one point entry system for Reception children. This means that all children whose 5th birthday falls within the academic year can be admitted full time from September if parents wish and staff and Governors approve. Parents can also choose to defer admission until later in the year. Sometimes we suggest that ‘young’ starters begin with half-days to ease them into the routine then gradually move on to full days when they are ready.

 We do not normally provide part-time education. Nursery education is available at Flagg Nursery for children from the catchment area. Children attending nursery schools would normally transfer to full-time infant education in September. We will contact nurseries to seek advice regarding a child’s progress and ability before they start.

 The Governing Body has approved an admission limit of 5 per year group but this can be changed under exceptional circumstances with Governor approval.

 Our Accommodation Limit is set at 36 pupils, but may be raised at the Governors’ discretion.

 Current Maximum Room Capacity: 22 at KS2 & 18 at KS1.

 Toilet Training! We expect children to be toilet trained when admitted to school.

 We have devised an ‘Welcome to Earl Sterndale School Pack’ for new starters consisting of a copy of the school brochure, the Admissions Policy, a ‘Welcome to Earl Sterndale School’ information sheet, a ‘Pupil Registration Source’, a Parental Permission Document, a copy of the most recent newsletter and a calendar of term dates.

Further information is available on the Derbyshire County Council website. The Department of Education website DfE School Admissions   contains further details of the school’s admissions obligations.