Data Protection

Your children as pupils of this school have data stored about them on computers.  They therefore, as data subjects, have certain rights under the Data Protection Act, including a general right to be given access to personal data held about them by any data controller (the school’s administration).

 Data controllers have to provide data subjects (individuals who are the subject of personal data) with details of who they (the data controllers) are, the purposes for which they process the personal data, and any other information that is necessary to make the processing of the personal data fair, including any third parties to whom the data may be passed on. This is normally done by what is referred to as a fair processing notice.

The following documents have been prepared to give you, as parents, information about how the Data Protection Act affects your children.  Click on the link and download the document in a pdf version.

Layer one is a brief one/two page notice, outlining simply the core fair processing information.

Layer two is an amplification giving more information about the organisations who have access to information and the uses they make of it.

Layer three is the full fair processing notice.