Primary School Sport Funding

Primary School Sport Funding – Earl Sterndale School

In 2013, the Government introduced an extra funding stream, additional to what is normally given, for schools to spend exclusively on improving the provision of PE and sport. This funding will be paid for 2 academic years (2013 / 2014 and 2014 / 2015) We have a legal obligation to publish how we spend this money. The following is a summary of how much we are given and what we plan to spend it on.

At Earl Sterndale School the Primary School Sport Funding amounts to just over £8,000. Our intention is to use the money in various ways:

To enable staff to attend local sports events and tournaments.
To pay for professional development for staff.
To buy sports equipment.
To help fund out of school sports clubs.
To help pay for transport to and from sporting events.

Our Sports Money is still being held over to some extent while we wait for the new building works to start. Once completed, some of the Sports Money will be used to install a traversing wall to encourage our children to climb. One focus for our Sports Money is to make the most of our surroundings and encourage the children to participate in outdoors sports such as climbing, mountain biking, running and orienteering. Money has been allocated to pay for staff training in outdoors sports leaders’ courses. The money is also being used to fund supply cover while teachers take children to sports events and to cover transport costs thus increasing our children’s involvement in local sports events. We have also allocated some of the money to pay for new resources such as gymnastics mats and orienteering equipment. Our overall aim is to provide the school with training and resources which will enable sustainability and continuity for years, and not when the Sports Money runs out.