School Performance Tables & Test Results

The following link is to our page on the Government’s School Performance Tables:

In 2013 no children sat the Key Stage 2 SATS tests so there are no results,

In 2014 there were 3 children who sat the Key Stage 2 SATS tests so again no results are published.

Even though our numbers are below the publishable level, and we aren’t allowed to make them public, we are able to say that we are delighted with the progress the children made !

When you look at the tables, please take into account the following:

1. ‘The degree of significance that can be attached to any particular school’s value added measure depends, among other factors, on the number of pupils included in the value added calculation. The smaller the number of pupils, the less confidence can be placed on the value added measure as an indicator of whether the effectiveness of a school is significantly above or below average.’Department of Education

2. ‘Value Added measure and KS2 results are not published for schools with 10 pupils or less’ Department of Education

Please do come and talk to the Head Teacher Mr Holden if you would like any further explanation about the KS2 results……